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Surangama Sutra

So if a man [kills a sheep to] eat its meat, the sheep will be reborn as a human being and the man, after his death, will be reborn a sheep [to repay his former debt]. Thus living beings of the ten states of birth, devour each other and so form evil karma which will have no end.
• Source: Suranagam Sutra in PDF p. 131 [download PDF- 2 MB]

You should know that those who eat meat, though their minds may open and realize a semblance of Samàdhi, are but great ràkùasas who, after this life, will sink back into the bitter ocean of saüsàra and cannot be my disciples. They will kill and devour one another ceaselessly; how then can they escape from the three worlds of existence?

In addition you should teach worldly men who practise Samàdhi not to kill. This is called the Buddha's profound teaching of the second decisive deed. Therefore, Ananda, if killing is not stopped, the practice of dhyàna-samàdhi is like shutting one's ears while crying in the hope that people will not hear one.s voice, or like trying to hide something that is already exposed to full view. All bhikus who live purely and all Bodhisattvas always refrain even from walking on the grass; how can they agree to uproot it? How then can those who practise great compassion feed on the flesh and blood of living beings?
• Source: Suranagam Sutra in PDF p.p. 216-217 [download PDF- 2 MB]

Ananda, those practisers who wish to enter the state of Samadhi should first observe strictly the rules of pure living to cut lust from the mind by abstaining
from meat and wine and by taking cooked, instead of raw food. Ananda, if they do not abstain from carnality and killing, they will never escape from the three worlds of existence.

• Source: Suranagam Sutra in PDF by Chalres Luk p. 231 [download PDF- 2 MB]

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