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Mahaparinirvana Sutra & Abstaining From Eating Meat and Fish, Even Died by Natural Causes - 1/5

Then The Bodhisattva Kash yapa addressed the Blessed Lord and said, “Lord, you do not partake of meat, and to eat meat is indeed unfitting. And if anyone were to ask me why this is so, I would answer that those who refrain from eating it are possessed of eight excellent qualities.”

“That is very good,” the Buddha answered Kashyapa. “You well perceive the intention of my mind. This indeed is how the Bodhisattvas, custodians of my Doctrine, should understand. Son of my lineage, even the Shravakas, those who keep close company with me, must not eat meat. Even if, in a gesture of faith, almsgivers provide them with meat, they must shrink from it as they would shrink from the flesh of their own children.”

Then the Bodhisattva Kashyapa asked the Buddha, “But why indeed, O Lord and Tathagata, do you forbid the consumption of meat?” “Son of my lineage!” the Lord replied. “Eating meat destroys the attitude of great compassion.” “But in the past, O Lord,” asked Kashyapa, “did you not allow the eating of meat found suitable after it as been examined in three ways?” “Yes,” the Buddha said. “I allowed the eating of meat found suitable after threefold examination, in order to assist those who were striving to overcome their habit of eating meat.”

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