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Tulku Pema Wangyal (1945 - )

Tulku Pema Wangyal is the first son of the Riméd Dzogchen master Kangyur Rinpoche (1893-1974) and the older brother of Rangdröl Rinpoche and Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche. Tulku Pema is the main resident master of the three year Nyingmapa retreats in Dordogne, France, leader of the Chanteloube Buddhist Association and founder of the Padmakara Translation Group, which translated Shabkar's Food of Boddhisattvas.

Pema Wangyal is vegetarian and advocate of non-violence, especially toward animals. He wrote a poem on behalf of animals on the subject in Food for Thought. This poem has been reproduced in pdf at this website with kind permission of Tulku Pema Wangyal [download - 90 KB].

See also on this website the transcription of the teachings by Tulku Pema Wangyal on saving lives and abstaining from eating meat based on ’The Thirty Sevenfold Practice of the Bodhisattvas’ from Gyelse Togme
[download - 125 KB]

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  Tulku Pema Wangyal