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Lianchi Zhuhung |Yun-ch'i Chu-hung (1535-1615)

Master Chu-hung, the Eighth Pureland Patriarch, also known as
Yün-ch'i, Lien-ch'ih or Yafu Dosen (along with Han-shan Te-ch'ing and Tzu-po Chenk-k'o), says:

People who eat meat often make the excuse that it is natural to do so, that people were meant to eat meat. They promote this idea, and then freely indulge in taking the lives of their fellow creatures, thereby creating extensive hatred and enmity-karma. Over time, as their killing and consuming becomes a habit, meat eaters no longer feel their killing is unusual. They do their evil deeds unknowingly, unaware of the consequences of slaughter and the resentment it evokes.

Source: On Stopping Killing | PDF


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