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Ven. Dr. Kyungbo-Seo (Il-Bung) |Master Seo Kyung-bo Sunim (1914 - 1996)

Korean Master Seo Kyung-bo Sunim was a vegan.*


Water-Moon Monastery

Half-day, I put aside the zen stick
     and sit in the hall.
Wind harmonizes, people quite,
    my mind pure and clear.
Pure tea fills the bowl, zen mind enjoys.
Vegetables piled on the table
    taste spring fresh.

Source: Lotus Flower Poems p. 76

• The PhD thesis of Dr, Seo A study of Korean Zen Buddhism Approached Through the Chodangjip
   was published in hard cover (1973), spiral bound (1973)
; paperback (demand)

* We currently do research on Master Seo Kyung-bo Sunim's backgrounds and publications. If you have any information, please contact us.

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  Ve. Dr. Seo Kyung Bo (Il-Bung)