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Roshi Philip Kapleau (1912-2004)

'Let no one cherish the illusion that animals raised for slaughter by modern methods live a relatively carefree existence on the farm, with their needs amply provided for, and that when they are slaughtered it is done painlessly. The truth is just the oposite.'

'How is it possible to swallow the carcasses of slain creatures, permeated as they are with the violent energy of the pain and the terror experienced by them at the time of their slaughter, and not have hatred, agression and violence stimulated in oneself and others? "While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts,"asks George Bernhard Shaw, "how can we expect any ideal consitions on the earth?" This sentiment is echoed in an ancient Chinese verse that vividly describes the evil karma generated by the killing of animals.

For hundreds of thousands of years
the stew in the pot
has brewed hatred and resentment
that is difficult to stop.
If you wish to know why there are disasters
of armies and weapons in the world,
listen ro the piteous cries
from the slaughterhouses at midnight.'

Source: Cherish all life [download - 4 mb]


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  Roshi Philip Kapleau