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Master Sheng Yen (1931-2009) | See News at SunSpace

Venerable Sheng-yen has taught Buddhism in the West since 1976. He is widely recognized as one of the foremost contemporary Buddhist teachers. He received transmission from two Chan (Zen) lineages: Caodong (Ts'ao-Tung, Japanese: Soto) and Linji (Lin-Chi, Japanese: Rinzai). Master Sheng-yen has an earned doctorate in Buddhist literature, is a recognized scholar having published over 100 works on Buddhadharma. He spends half of his time in the USA and the other half in Taiwan. His footprints have spread all across the United States, in various provinces in China and in countries like Singapore, the Phillippines, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, The United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Argentina, Costa Rica and Brazil. In 2000 he was one of the keynote speakers in the Millennium Religious Summit held in the United Nations.

Master Sheng Yen was a vegetarian.

H.H. Dalai Lama said about him:
"When I listen to Master Sheng Yen's presentation of Chan Buddhist teachings, my immediate and very profound feeling is that I am listening to words of wisdom from someone who is very experienced and a great practitioner."

Thich Nhat Hanh said about him:
"Chan Master Sheng-yen is a great teacher and I have great confidence in his scholarship and wisdom. I feel privileged to be his friend, and admire what he has been doing for the Buddhadharma in the East as well as in the West."


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