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Master Hsu Yun (1840-1959)
"In our outer training, we should not kill the living but should release all living creatures; we should transmute the ten evils [killing, stealing, adultery, lying, double-tongue, coarse language, filthy talk, covetousness, anger and perverted views] into the ten good virtues [the non-committal of the ten evils].

We should not eat meat and drink alcoholic liquors in order not to produce the sinful karma of unintermittent suffering; and we should know that the Buddha-seed arises from conditional causation, that the commitment of many evil karmas is followed by the certain fall into the hells, and that the performance of many good karmas is rewarded with blessing ensuring our enjoyment of them.

And so the ancients taught us this: 'Refrain from committing all evil actions (and) perform all good actions.' "

Master Hsu Yun was a vegan.

Lecture given at the Jade Buddha Monastery, Shanghai, in 1953.

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  Master Hsu Yun